Franchise Policy

Franchise Policy


Wild tea: Refers to the tea product obtained by picking raw materials from non artificially cultivated tea trees and processing them. Wild tea trees usually have a certain age, abundant tea gas, sufficient nutrients, and are green and pollution-free. But it is worth noting that only wild tea that has been "domesticated" is suitable for drinking. Puchake products are all produced from wild tea trees that have been "domesticated".

Terrace tea: also known as base tea or tea garden tea, refers to the tea products obtained by picking raw materials from tea trees cultivated in artificial tea gardens and processing them. In recent years, with the increase of market demand for Pu'er tea, a large number of artificial tea gardens have appeared in Yunnan. Artificially planted tea trees usually have a short age and thin nutrient content. Some tea gardens are close to farmland and are contaminated by pesticides and other pollutants.

According to tree species, it can be divided into two types:

Arbor tea: In the traditional sense, Pu'er tea uses tree leaves to make tea cyanines. The leaves are large and called big leaf tea.

Shrub tea: With the increasing demand for Pu'er tea, tea drinkers transplant tea trees to make tea garden tea. The platform tea (tea garden tea) cultivated in recent years has been cultivated into shrub species, commonly known as dwarf tea trees, for easy picking. It is called small leaf tea. Shrub tea leaves are thin and lack nutrients.


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